Soft solder, under 600 degrees, °F

60/40 is the strongest soft solder. Used on white metal, brass and most metals but not steel. The melting point is 375 degrees, °F.
Contains 60% Sn (Tin) and 40% Pb (Lead).

Low Melt is used on white metal castings. The melting point is 300 degrees, °F.
Contains 50% Sn (Tin), 32% Pb (Lead) and 18% Cd (Cadmium)

Pure Tin is used on steel, brass, copper and white metal castings. The melting point is 450 degrees, °F.
Does not contain lead.

These solders are great for assembling models, jewelry and novelties, please be aware of the lead and cadmium laws. The common diameters are .032, .040 and .062.
Any butane torch can melt this solder.

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