5 Things To Keep In Mind To Facilitate The Jewelry Creation Process

Having the right jewelry making tools and supplies makes things so much easier. Without them, being a jeweler would be almost unimaginable and much more challenging. With them, however, not only can you accomplish the task much more time-efficiently, but also shape the gems in various different ways and styles. Still not sure whether you should upgrade your repertoire of tools? The following 5 facts might change your mind:

1. Buying new jewelry tools will allow you to create new types of products

This is a strong argument used by those who are selling jewelry tools to jewelers – and it’s true! For example, certain designs of earrings require a special type of solder to make. While you could certainly attempt the job without one, why sacrifice so much valuable time in the process?

2. Knowing where to get them is at least as important as knowing which ones you need

Nowadays, there’s practically no limit to the kinds of jewelry making tools and supplies you can get online. Moreover, the website owners are typically very helpful when it comes to explaining in which areas a given tool will improve your manufacturing process. If you already know what you need, finding it online is truly a breeze. Why go through numerous brick and mortar shops and warehouses if finding a suitable set of supplies online is a matter of minutes?

3. Jewelry making tools define the precision levels you can achieve

Some would even compare them to a surgeon’s set of tools. Would a surgeon attempt to start the job with anything less than a top-notch tool? Of course not. Even though no lives are at stake when manufacturing a diamond, the quality of products is essentially the life-blood of any jewelry business. The big corporations know this, so they never cheap out when selling jewelry tools to jewelers who wouldn’t accept nothing but the very best.

4. More tools = more creative freedom

Having the right tools and jewelry polishing supplies will allow you to produce the kinds of products that separate you from the rest of the cast. They are essential tools of the trade; without them, you cannot express your creativity and show what your jewelry business can come up with. After all, this line of business is all about the finest of details that can make or break the people’s perception of your brand.

5. So what are the most essential types of tools you should consider acquiring?

Depending on what type of jewelry you want to produce, you’re going to need to acquire different types of jewelry making tools and supplies. However, beginners and professionals alike should consider adding the following tools to their arsenal:

– Bench block

– Cup bur

– Flush cutter

– Loop closing pliers

– Chasing hammer

– Chain nose pliers

If you’re a professional, you should think about adding more to the roster, including magnifiers, lamps, as well as certain drills and gauges. It all depends on what you’re after and the scale of the business you’re running.

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