How to use an ABRE machine WI-200 1 1/3 Quart Wax Injector

Operating instructions for air pressure wax injector.

Remove top cover plate by loosening two black knobs, these are located on top of the aluminum cover.

Put in approximately 10 – 12 pounds of wax and replace cover, tightening the knobs evenly.

Note: It is important to keep any kind of dirt from getting into the pot, accumulating under the cover, or getting on the ”O” ring. Dirt can cause air leaks which will and can greatly reduce the efficiency of the unit.

Connect the air line from your compressor to the input nozzle, located to the right of the regulator assembly. A hose clamp should be used to prevent any leaks.

Plug the unit into a standard, grounded 110v outlet. Turn unit on using the ON/OFF toggle switch located on the units body.

Put a stainless steel thermometer into the wax chamber through the hole in the cover. Adjust thermostat on the side of the unit to normal operating temperature approximately 160 degrees F.

The air pressure required will vary from 4 – 5 psi for simple and heavy designs to 9 – 12 psi for thin and complicated designs.

Air pressure is adjusted by turning the regulator knob counter clockwise to decrease pressure and clockwise to increase pressure, after the desired pressure is obtained the regulator can be locked by pushing the regular knob inward towards regulator body.

By locking the regulator at desired pressure it offers hours of operation with out having to constantly readjust regulator.

The air pressure wax injector has a safety air escape valve (located to the left of the of the regulator assembly) which automatically releases excessive pressure from the pot. There is also a spigot on the side of the pot which enables you to drain the pot of molten wax whenever.


Rejected patterns may be reused. Melt and pour through layers of fine cloth to remove all impurities. For best results, use a least 50% fresh wax each time when refilling the pot.

Never substitute oxygen instead of compressed air for the operation of the wax injector.

ARBE equipment is built to quality standards and made in the USA.

Mini Wax Injector WI-200

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