Jewelry Making Supplies, Polishing Supplies, Jewelry Tools

Since 1976 we have sold jewelry making supplies to jewelry factories, craftsman and students.  Our tools and  supplies can also be found in dental labs, optical labs and industrial assembly facilities.  We ship across the nation and  internationally.

We have met many talented customers and we have enjoyed the shared stories.  Our customers have taught us a few things over the years. We look forward to more lessons and classes in the field.

Online store since 1997. We are located in the Mount Pleasant section of Providence on Atwells Ave. Please visit our store and we will give you a free printed catalog. The men in the picture were part of our customer loyalty program.  They received free aprons and other safety supplies.  The woman in the picture is a talented local jewelry designer.

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Jewelry Making Supplies, Polishing Supplies, Jewelry Tools
Jewelry Making Supplies, Polishing Supplies