Sunburst Radial Discs, Pins & Mounted Points

Sunburst will make your jewelry shine with grit color coded products. Choose from 80, 120, 220, 400, 6 micron and 1 micron grits. No matter what the material being worked, SUNBURST POINTS are the “absolute best” for finishing & polishing hard-to-access areas without removing detail or causing flat spots. SUNBURST POINTS generate minimal dust and […]

3D Jewelry Model Printer

MakeX U60: The powerful functions of this small desktop printer align perfectly with the strict requirements of professional jewelry designs. The standardized, uniform build volume streamlines operation of the machine to print a highly intricate and systematic matrix. Features: Easy to use Wireless connectivity One-button LCD touch-screen operation DLP-Digital Light Processing Technology Extended Build size […]

Creating a Masterpiece: 5 Types of Jewelry Tools and Their Uses

Arming yourself with the right jewelry making tools will make your job that much easier and at the same time allow you to create a true masterpiece your customers will be fighting to add to their collection. What you’re about to learn is especially important if you’re a beginner, and experienced jewelry polishers and designers […]