Grobet USA® Ring Holder, #48.120

Ring Holder 48.120

The new, exclusive Grobet USA® Ring Holder securely holds all types of rings, including wedding bands and engagement rings. Nylon jaws hold the ring securely, without damaging the ring.  This tool is excellent for jewelers that want to polish the inside of rings. Durable aluminum construction and nylon base holds rings up to 10.5mm in […]

Deluxe Ring Gauge Kit. Perfectly matched finger gauge and ring stick.

An easy and accurate measuring and sizing system.  Never buy a mismatched set again. U.S. Standard 1-16 with Half Sizes This convenient Ring Sizing System contains 31 half-round rings, 7mm wide, and a matching ring mandrel with comfort grip rubber handle. Finger gauges and ring stick are perfectly matched in graduated full and half sizes to ensure an accurate […]