Creating a Masterpiece: 5 Types of Jewelry Tools and Their Uses

Arming yourself with the right jewelry making tools will make your job that much easier and at the same time allow you to create a true masterpiece your customers will be fighting to add to their collection. What you’re about to learn is especially important if you’re a beginner, and experienced jewelry polishers and designers can always use a refresh of their knowledge.

So what are the 6 tools for jewelers you should be familiar with?

1. Beading needles

Are you doing loom work, bead weaving, or knotting? Then having a beading needle is one of the essential jewelry tools and supplies. These have an important function of threading up looms and making knots between beads. Depending on what kind of work you’re doing, there are different types of needles to choose from, but for the purposes of bead weaving, long and fine needles are the recommended choice.

2. Bead reamer

Whenever you need to make the center of the beads a bit smoother, a bead reamer is one of the essential pieces of jewelry tools to add to your collection. By using it, you can clear and smoothen the center without causing any damage in the process. This is important because if you can smoothen the center of the beads, the thread will not wear off as fast.

3. Beading looms

There are many variants of beading looms. Moreover, there are plenty of these jewelry tools you can purchase no matter what price range you’re targeting. If you’re creating jewelry with beads, these are certainly one of the best investments you can make. But no matter what you do, make sure the beading looms you’re purchasing are of high quality, since these tend to be easier to use.

4. Jig

The popularity of jigs seems to have increased during the recent times. Nowadays, both the hardware as well as specialist stores tend to carry them. If you’re making earrings and pendants, for example, it’s hard to live without them. They are very user friendly and suitable for forming intricate designs.

5. Tweezers

When choosing the tweezers you’re going to be using, do bear in mind you have plenty of freedom to choose between various end tips. There’s a myriad of beading techniques you can do with them, and as an added plus, these will be of great use to you when undoing the mistakes that sometimes happen when knotting. Whenever you find that your eyes are subjected to a lot of stress when working on the fine details, consider getting some magnifying tweezers, a variation of them that will make the job much easier.


While there are other jewelry casting tools you should learn more about, this pretty much covers the basics. Understandably, different jewelry designers have different needs, depending on what their design goals are. Still, the tools mentioned above all play an important role in this line of business and will certainly make your job much easier in general, as well as give you all the freedom to produce exactly what you’ve envisioned in your mind.

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