How to use an ABRE machine Professional Jewelers Vulcanizer

Secure the vulcanizer to a sturdy bench or table with four wood screws or bolts and nuts. The mounting holes are located on either side of the vulcanizer base.

Check action of the upper platen screw rod and upper platen guide. These should screw up and down smoothly. To ensure smooth operation at even high temperatures the unit’s thread rod has been mounted on a ball bearing assembly, house in the chrome plated washer on top of lid.
It is recommended to have a thin layer of oil/grease on both the platen guides and the threaded rods at all times to aid to the smooth operation.

Plug line cored into proper grounded electrical outlet.

Toggle switch is turned on which will cause red light to illuminate, the unit is read to heat. To turn heat on turn white dial on face plate to desired heat setting, once the dial is turned the yellow light should illuminate, indicating both upper and lower heating elements are energized. Both top and bottom plates should feel warm to the touch within 60 seconds.

When unit has reached desired temperature set by the white dial, the yellow heat light should cycle off. As the platens cool the yellow light will once again come on, to raise the temperature. This cycling will continue until the unit is turned off.

Overheating of rubber will cause poor results. Do not allow heat to exceed maximum recommended temperature of 325 F. Underheating is equally detrimental.

Power requirements: 110v, AC, 60 Hz, 600 Watts, 15 AMP line

ARBE equipment is built to quality standards and made in the USA.

ARBE Deluxe Rubber Mold Vulcanizer VD-101

Standard Rubber Mold Vulcanizer VD-102

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